Stealth Cleaning.

Emergency Spill Clean-up

For Spills, Overflows or Back-Ups

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Got a Emergency Spill? Call 1-800-234-5685 for Immediate Service!

Top Gun Pressure Washing will be there Quickly to Clean-Up any Emergency Spill of Animal Based Grease, Hydraulic Fluid, or Oil.

What do you do when your grease barrel overflows into the alley or a hydraulic line blows on your truck and cars track it through out the parking lot? Call Top Gun Pressure Washing for a fast, professional, EPA compliant clean up.

You could be in violation of city, state and federal regulations if a spill is not cleaned properly. Top Gun is equipped to contain and remove hazardous material spills, leaving the affected area safe for people and animals and the city or state is also happy.

  • We Clean Up!
  • Oil Leaks, Tire Marks
  • Hydraulic Spills
  • Grease Bins and Barrels
  • Mineral Deposit Stains
  • Animal Fats and Vegetable Oils
  • Tack or Slurry Removal
  • Spills, Marks and Gum
  • Graffiti and Much More

Top Gun will clean oil, hydraulic fluid, or food grease the Right Way! We have cleaned lots of of greasy gunk over the years and do it the correct and environmentally safe way. We'll clean up all those unsightly marks using high pressure hot water, scrubbing and treating with biosafe cleaners to renew and maintain a clean, safe environment. We are up to date on the latest technology and equipment to capture, filtrate, collect and dispose of waste water

Water Testing & Disposal:
Top Gun has certified HAZMAT people to handle all liquid and solid waste testing. Through proper testing and approval from environmental agencies and city officials, we will dispose of your industrial waste water and solids.

We use the correct cleanup methods required city and state regulations, resulting in pleased city officials.

Please see our Emergency Spill Clean-up Brochure for more information.


Top Gun Pressure Washing:
Extreme Clean for every Scene!

We have three locations in Northern, Central and Southern Colorado in order to serve the entire Colorado & Wyoming area. Our service area covers Cheyenne, Fort Collins, Denver, Aurora and every where in between.


Let Us Put our Professional Staff to work for you today!

For Service Throughout Front Range of Colorado and Wyoming

Call Toll Free: (800) 234-5685 Fort Collins: (970) 203-1110 or Denver (720) 540-4880

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