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Do Waterless Cleaners Work?

Dry vs. Wet

Let's discuss the Pros & Cons of Waterless Cleaners

Company Image vs. Cost
Most companies who use these dry products have continuous oil spills or a low maintenance budget. They may also have an internal staff to maintain the facility or low concern of outside appearance. Waterless cleaners are also used by convenience stores or other companies that sell petroleum products. Or even in some cases, profit sharing bonuses can override the cleanliness of company's exterior.

  • Pros of Waterless Cleaners
  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Uses no water
  • Covers the entire stain
  • Less equipment needed
  • Lower cost
  • No wash water
  • Cons of Waterless Cleaning
  • Looks Dirty within days
  • Tracks and Runs with Rain
  • Covers, but not removes gum,
    food stains, oil spots, etc.
  • Contrast draws attention to
    dirt, tire marks and oil spot
  • Gets hard and clumps from
    cold weather precipitation
  • Bio-Dry Product Pros:
  • Spreads easy
  • Low overhead cost
  • Whitens surfaces intially
  • Absorbs new oil drippings and spills
  • Bio-Dry Product Cons:
  • Covers, but does not remove stains so there is a dirty appearance within a few days.
  • Tracked immediatley from tires and is lightwieght so it easly blows away in windy conditions.
  • Gums up when exposed to water and goes into the drainage system.
  • Hardens and clumps in cold and must be washed between applications.
  • ReKrete Product Pros:
  • Easy to apply
  • Has Bio-organics to help consume hydro carbons
  • Low overhead cost
  • ReKrete Product Cons:
  • Wears away readily from rain
  • Slow process in consuming oils, not pre-cleaned enough
  • Appears Dirty, looks tacky within days of applying
  • Hardens and clumps in cold
  • Can't apply in wind or on wet surface
  • Runs into drive lane and gutter from precipitation
Waterless Cleaners
 Waterless Cleaner Application
  • Evaluation of Application
  • After the surface oil is scraped up, on both 1st and 2nd of Rekrete and all Bio-Dry site visits there is still a very dark stain because the oil is saturated into the concrete.
  • Preparation tools don't remove the stain in the concrete, dry material simply covers it up temporarily. After rain or snow, when product becomes clumped, hardened and sludge like it required pressure washing before applying another coat. Wind carries product onto asphalt lot when applying.
  • Secondary Stains Still Need Cleaned
  • Black gum on center islands, concrete pads, front sidewalks and parking spots remain.
  • Also soda, coffee and food stains remain in concrete.
  • Oil and tree drippings as well as tire marks, bird feces and aphids stains still remain.
  • All remaining surfaces are not directly on concrete pad.
  • Duration and Effectiveness
  • Both products look good after the initial application, but doesn't penetrate the pores of the concrete to remove the oil stain. They just absorb what's on the surface and oil drippings after applied.
  • Immediate tire tracking occurs, blackening the concrete.
  • After one week, oil stains appear thicker and larger due to the material on the surface, especially after several applications without pressure washing.
  • Product covers up oils and secondary stains but dirt and debris cling to it, causing surface to get dirty faster.
  • Works poorly in wet conditions of rain and snow.
  • Appearance of Property
  • There is visible white tracking onto the asphalt in the first couple days in drive up.
  • White Tracking onto sidewalks and into facility when applied to front parking spots.
  • When the product gets wet or freezes, it looks blotchy in the lanes and clumps up on the oil spots.
  • Overall appearance of concrete pad looks worse than the initial oil spot. Covered stains reappear.
  • Contrast of white product to dark tire tracks and oil drippings with dirt cause poor look.
  • Oil Spots look visually thicker over time due to material applied to surface.
  • Product covers up oils and secondary stains but dirt and debris cling to it, causing surface to get dirty faster.
  • Works poorly in wet conditions of rain and snow.
  • Overall Evaluation
  • Dry Cleaners Are Primarily Used To Absorb The Surface Oils on Spots In Drive ups, Upfront Parking and Spills.
  • The Following Areas Are Missed:
  • Gum, Food And Beverage Stains, Crabapple / Vegetation Stains, Bird Feces, Aphids, Rust And Mineral Stains
  • Oil And Rubber Tire Marks On Curbing To Islands And On Front Parking Spots Leaving Visible Surface Stains
  • Oil Spots Before And After The Drive Up Pad Remain
  • Cobwebs, Bird Feces And Aphids On Building Under Eaves Both In Entrances And Drive Up Areas

For Commercial Cleaning of Areas where Water must be Contained, Reclaimed or Controlled, Our Water Containment System will work for you.

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