Stealth Cleaning.

What is Going Green?

Going Green

With Millions of Dollars into Your Properties
How can you achieve it while maintaining cleanliness outside your prestigious buildings?
By Being Aware Of Your Environment And Using The Best Management Practices (BMP) When You Clean.

What is a Green Cleaning Product?
The claim biodegradable is often associated with environmentally friendly products. What exactly does this mean? I would define it as being able to be broken down by natural processes, into more basic components. Products are usually broken down by bacteria, fungi or other simple organisms. By this definition, most chemicals are biodegradable; the only thing differing would be the amount of time it takes to break down. A piece of bread will break down rather quickly, whereas a piece of plastic will take decades and beyond.

  • After Cleaner and Various Elements Are Removed, How Do You Dispose of the By-Product?
  • Solids Waste such as dirt, debris, absorbent and filtration booms can go directly into dumpster going to land fill.
  • Liquid waste that is filtrated from booms can go into Oil / Sand Trap Separators or Sanitation Drains in most cases.
  • When no cleaner is used, liquid waste can go into landscaping.
  • When Cleaning A Bank Drive Up, Sidewalk and Front Parking Spots...The most prominent area of concern is the oil spot, secondary are the:
  • Soda pop and coffee staining splattering concrete
  • Chewing gum on concrete pad and island
  • Bird feces along pillars, ledges and eaves
  • Cobwebs on overhead eaves
  • Rubber tire marks and mud on pad and center islands
  • Most Effective Way to Clean and Remove Oil Spot over time...
  • Seal Concrete or Asphalt Surface with a Siloxane Oil Repellant Sealant
    Or, if surface is already stained
  • Use Microbial Oil Eating Bacteria with a Cleaning Surfactant
    Depending on cleaning frequency, season and climate, oil stain can be removed after several weeks to several months. Then seal the surface!

Most Effective Way to Clean Existing Oil Spot with Microbials

Removing Secondary Stains....
Chewing Gum Soda Pop Coffee
Tire Tracks Rubber Bird Feces
Tree Droppings Effervescence Aphids
These are just a number of secondary stains needing cleaned.
All of which can be removed with pressure washing, safely and environmentally friendly, with water typically going into the landscaping
Let's look at the BMP (Best Management Practices) Process...
Going Green Going Green
Sweep and pick up surface dirt, vegetation and debris
Blowout and Edge Drive Up
Blowout and Edge Drive Up Blowout and Edge Drive Up
Hydro Scrub and Collect Water
Going Green Going Green
Before After
Going Green Going Green
Before After
Going Green Going Green
  • Well Designed and Environmentally Friendly
  • People
  • Products
  • Equipment
  • Mean Safe BMP Standards Satisfying and Exceeding Our Customer's Expectations!

Meeting Environment Need Means Effective and Efficient Equipment

Going Green
When Water Restrictions or Cold Weather is a Problem, Scrubbing is Recommended.
Pre-Treat Surface & Edge Then Scrub Drive Up Pad
Going Green Going Green
Scrub Surface Oils before Drive Up and After Pad. Scrubber Does Parking Spots, Too!
Environmental Waste Concerns?
Go Green with Cyclone
The Latest in State-of-The-Art Equipment
Going Green Going Green
Extreme Clean with Vacuum & Recycling Technology
No Cleaner Required

Meeting Environment Needs While Maintaining Cleanliness
Using The Proper BMPs Will Ensure a Superior Company Image!


For Commercial Cleaning of Areas where Water must be Contained, Reclaimed or Controlled, Our Water Containment System will work for you.

Please see our Printable Environmental Cleaning Brochure for more information.
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