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Pipeline disinfection

Jeffrey J. Moore, Senior Project Manager
Fort Collins, CO
Phone (303) 791-3600

January 13, 2017

I want to take a minute and compliment Neal and Rich, and TopGun Pressure Washing for helping us look good and more importantly, perform the disinfection of the 54", 42" and 36" lines in a safe and compliant manner.

We have met several times with the City and Hydro Construction to develop a Method of Procedure (MOP) for disinfecting the pipe which included permit required confined space entry and introducing chlorine in to the confined space as a hazard. Neal and TopGun joined us at the meeting held on January 3rd and subsequently, rounded up all the safety gear we need including a gas monitor with a chlorine sensor, a chlorine gas detector and the rescue equipment.

Pipeline disinfection

On Monday this week we had our subcontractor TopGun Pressure Washing come in and they brought a supplied air trailer and worked closely with Neal and Rich. TopGun had their key guys fit tested and trained to use the supplied air system which had 16 2-hour bottles of air hooked up in series. TopGun added their lock to the lock out/tag out system and used the supplied air to disinfect the pipe with a 200 ppm solution of 6% bleach and water.

TopGun and Garney crews worked out a system of signals including tugging of the air supply line and an air horn for declaring an emergency. TopGun had a designated rescue top man while we provided the attendant and other support to their operation. Both the applicator and the rescue man had 5 minute emergency supplies of air in addition to their supplied air masks.

TopGun and Garney performed the procedure flawlessly and professionally. I was very pleased and I think we made an excellent impression on the City and Hydro Construction. I think it was an excellent real life experience for TopGun, Neal and Rich and crew.

Attached are some pictures of the supplied air trailer TopGun rented from AirGas. My cell phone battery died and was charging while we actually did the work so regretfully, I do not have any pictures of the action, but it was impressive.

I just wanted to take the time recognize both Neal and Rich, and TopGun for all of their excellent efforts.

Boulder, CO
(303) 444-6634

I just wanted to say thank you all for the quick response on our oil spill here at Eco-Cycle.

Travis was , as always, very professional, and was in compliance with the waste water rules. As we are on Boulder city property, the city of Boulder did show up while the pressure washing was taking place. I am happy to say that Travis was doing everything that was expected, and the inspector just drove through, and gave me the "thumbs up" Kudos to him, and his helper!!

Thank you so much!

Burden Inc.
Niwot, Colorado
(303) 652-8868

Mr. Ballen,

I wanted to compliment both you and your staff on a very thorough, organized, and attentive experience regarding the semi-annual pressure washing of eleven of our managed properties. It was a pleasure to receive updates regarding the scheduling and completion of each property as well as catering to the needs of several of our tenants.

Thank you again, to everyone at your company, for going the "extra step."

Joseph L. Perrotto
CFO for Burden Incorporated

Golden Urban Renewal Authority
Golden, Colorado
(303) 279-4162

To Whom It May Concern,

It is my pleasure to recommend Top Gun Pressure Washing to your company or community. We schedule semi-annual sidewalk cleaning for our downtown shopping district, and were impressed by Top Gun's willingness to conduct a test cleaning prior to submitting their bid. We found their technician to be knowledgeable and responsive to our concerns, and those of individual property owners. Our merchants were pleasantly surprised to find that Top Gun's technology resulted in far less splash on their windows, and no water leaks under their doors. Administratively, we found the Top Gun staff friendly and accommodating, and we look forward to working with them again.

Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions.

Mark Heller,
Executive Director

Star Parking Systems
Lone Star Valet Parking Services, Inc.
Denver, Colorado

To Whom it May Concern,

I wanted to write a letter to say how GREAT Fidel was when cleaning are garage. I manage The Magnolia Hotel garage in downtown Denver and we use Top Gun for our cleaning services. Fidel went out of his way to make sure our garage was cleaned in a timely manner. He also communicated with my company very well, which was a pleasure. Fidel should be recognized as an excellent employee and should receive some short of bonus for the great job he did!!!

Thanks again Fidel.

Ryan Whitehurst
Operations Manager, Denver

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